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Navigating the Holidays with Autism: 11 Essential Tips

Navigating the Holidays with Autism: 11 Essential Tips

The holiday season, a time of great anticipation and warmth amidst the chill of winter, can present unique challenges for individuals within the autism community. The question often arises, “What do autistic people struggle with at Christmas?” While the experiences of individuals with autism vary, understanding everyday struggles can significantly enhance their holiday experience.

Navigating holidays with autism often involves dealing with changes in routine, increased social demands, heightened expectations, diverse sensory experiences, and exposure to new activities and foods. Understanding and accommodating these potential stressors is crucial to creating an autism-friendly holiday environment.

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In-Home ABA Therapy

Empowering Progress with In-Home ABA Therapy: 5 Unique Benefits

The experience of parenting a child with autism is unique and transformative. When parents receive the initial diagnosis, they often feel a whirlwind of emotions and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. Among the many questions and concerns that arise, one common thread is: “Will in-home therapy work for my neurodiverse child?”

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A toddler is mesmerized as a therapist arranges his toys

5 Reasons Why Early Intervention for ASD is So Important

Early intervention refers to providing specialized services and therapies to children diagnosed with autism at an early age, typically before the age of four and as early as 18 months. It aims to target specific areas of development, such as communication, socialization, and behavior, during the critical early years of a child’s life.

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A Board Certified Behavior Analyst works with children as they play with blocks

What Role Does a BCBA Play in ABA Centers of New Jersey Autism Care?

To ensure your child receives suitable and effective treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), look for therapy plans established by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). As ABA Centers of New Jersey specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (where the ABA in our name stems from), a BCBA will certainly be personally involved in crafting and overseeing the therapy for your child. BCBAs are the foundation of proper ABA care, and we want to take the opportunity of this blog to explain why.

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Autism support groups: a toddler in green pajamas smiling and holding a teddy bear.

Autism Support Groups in New Jersey: The Complete Guide

Autism support groups in New Jersey: New Jersey is known for its busy cities, fun coastline, picturesque suburbs, and tight-knit communities. It’s called the Garden State because it’s between everything, and good things flow from Cherry Hill into Philadelphia and Hoboken into New York City. In this dynamic and culturally rich environment, autism touches the

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